Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Expertise

PF Communications is your structured cabling experts in Michigan. We work with any size company and we have completed all types of jobs from installing a couple of data cables at a small business, to designing and installing a complete network infrastructure at a larger business. Your job can range from the installation of a very small phone system for as little as 5 users, and go upward to a very large system serving up to 2,500 users. You are guaranteed that no matter what size job you have that it will be completed by our certified installers and won’t be done until you are 100% satisfied.

Highest Industry Standard of Structured Cabling Installation And Network Design

You want an honest opinion and expert guidance when it comes to installing the best technology for your business needs and budget. PF Communications prides itself on being technology agnostic. This means that we don’t lean towards any products unless they are what we recommend and have experienced to be the superior brand.

We are the experts and we don’t get kickbacks for recommending certain products or services. Our first priority is finding a solution based on your needs. We work with all manufacturers and distributors and do not pitch specific products.

Take advantage of our relationships with distributors and wholesalers who carry a large array of products from a variety of vendors. Working with these distributors we are able to provide you several different solutions that may work well with your existing equipment AND provide affordable options.

Hire PF Communications to build a network around your existing equipment. We can survey your existing location, document your existing infrastructure, talk about your future requirements, and build a comprehensive plan to move forward without disrupting your existing network. You will save time, money and avoid the headaches of having to learn new technology.

Certified Structured Cabling Installers

We know that a company’s budget plays a big part in moving forward with projects. We are very competitive with our pricing and scope of work. With flexible payment options, you can work with PF Communications to create a perfect solution while keeping it affordable.

Since 2004, PF Communications has been a family-owned business whose members are born and raised in Macomb County and Southeast MI. We are very familiar with the State of Michigan’s certifications and legal requirements for all things pertaining to structured cabling, camera security systems, data centers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. We believe in giving back to the community, such as donating to Forgotten Harvest.

We are a close and tight-knit family who started from scratch and continued to grow our business every year by helping businesses just like yours.
Our team of Experienced Professionals believes that trust is paramount in every type of business venture relationship.

Experienced Structured Cabling Integrators and Design Team

Yes, that’s right! You work directly with the designer, the installer and the engineer from start to finish. We will start by surveying your site, work with your entire team to determine your existing and future requirements, provide you with solutions based on your budget, and remain in contact throughout the entire installation process while also providing support after the installation is complete.

We take the hard work out of your project and make this as easy as possible. We will manage your project from start to finish. From ordering materials to coordinating technician’s time on site, we manage every day to day detail. PF Communications understands that you need a return on your investment. We will not only outline the pros and cons of a specific installation but will work with you to determine any cost savings available, as well as the expected longevity of a particular project.

Experience really makes the difference and our technicians carry many certifications. From VoIP phone system certifications, Bosch security camera and systems certifications, to safety orientated OSHA and aerial lift certifications. We are also Certified Wireless Network Administrators.

Avoid Poor Workmanship and Poor Design

STORYTIME: Labeling data cables at both ends is a very important step in the installation process. We were called into a business that needed assistance in patching some of their computers into their network switches. This business had just recently updated all of its infrastructure cable. However, the company hired to complete the project failed to label any of the cable that was installed. We spent three days toning, tracking, and labeling cables from their MDF, as well as two IDF cabinets.

To make matters worse, the previous installers did not certify any cabling and many of the data cables were failing the NEXT test causing cross-talk. This was because the previous installers did not keep twists in the Cat6 data cables within 0.5 of an inch at the termination points. We spent an additional two days re-terminating several data cables, as well as certifying all data cables on site. Had the previous installers recognized the importance of labeling and termination standards, this entire headache would have been avoided.

We will work with you to determine your current and future data throughput requirements. Using these requirements, we will design an infrastructure that can support any speed necessary for your business. We can consult you on equipment upgrades and cost prior to installation to adequately inform you of the total project cost. We will design your structured cabling system to support your future business needs to avoid having to install a new system when your speed requirements increase several years post-installation.