Security Camera Systems

Commercial Security Camera System Sales and Installation

Every business needs some type of video surveillance system in order to improve the overall safety of the workplace and to protect your company’s assets. In addition, security camera systems play a large role in easily bringing legal matters to a close without having to go to an expensive trial.

Maybe you already have a security camera system but it’s getting old and out-dated. Perhaps it isn’t using the latest technology or the highest resolution displays and recording equipment. Did you know that upgrading a camera system from standard-definition to high-definition image quality dramatically increases the ability to monitor your workplace both day and night?

Now you can quickly and easily reduce loss, theft and vandalism while improving employee productivity with a new security camera system. Also, your company will help ensure safety policies are being followed; which reduces your business insurance cost and remotely monitor your business from anywhere and at any time. As mentioned above, you will be able to provide concrete evidence to the proper authorities in the event of internal or external crime or legal matters.

Ready to get started? You should know that PF Communications does not push a specific brand of security camera system. We work with many different manufacturers and distributors to provide a vast array of security systems to match your specific needs and budget. Also, we may find a current brand that integrates best with your existing security system.

Security Camera Professionals for Commercial and Industrial Applications

PF Communications has been installing security camera systems for over 13 years in Michigan. You will always get one of our certified technicians who are authorized on several different systems on today’s market. Choose from the whole spectrum of security camera systems since we install anything from inexpensive analog systems to full HD IP-camera solutions. One of our professional security system designers will set up a site survey at your location to determine all possible solutions. We take into account what type of security cameras and how many you would need; as well as scalability based on future needs. Secondly, we will discuss your options for implementing a new security camera system based on factors such as budget as well as environment in which the cameras will be installed.

The installation process will then begin with experienced technicians on site to start installing the infrastructure needed for your new security camera system. Once the infrastructure is in place, we will then begin installing the cameras and related equipment.

Finally, when your new camera system is operable, we will go over each view of every camera with you to verify each shot. But we aren’t done yet, the experts at PF Communications will train you on how to playback video, export video, remotely monitor, and other aspects that are available with your new system. 

Free Training with every setup!

Security Systems Integration, Custom Design and Upgrades
During the initial site survey process, we will discuss scalability. Doing this allows us to determine how many cameras you may add in the future, as well as any possible products that you may want to upgrade to your existing system post installation. We can discuss all possible upgrades, as well as availability of camera adds to your existing DVR/NVR at time of installation. Doing this makes sure that you will not have to purchase another DVR/NVR if at a later date you determine to add more components.

What about WIFI Cameras?

Wireless cameras are indeed offered in the marketplace. However, we do not recommend using a wireless network for your security cameras. Wireless networks are susceptible to intrusions, and can be accessed from outside your building.

New Features

With many new camera systems on the market, desktop and mobile applications are available to monitor your business from anywhere that has access to the Internet. Completely control PTZ cameras, or watch live stream and playback video from any camera on your system with the touch of a button on your desktop or mobile device. It’s wondrous to behold!


Commercial environments are typically well maintained, and in high demand areas to bring in more customers. A retail store, for example, may have an inviting storefront and an artfully constructed sales floor. Retail stores are designed to be inviting to customers and large, bulky cameras may not be suitable for this type of environment.

Commercial locations normally have less intrusive camera types than an industrial area. Retail stores will typically have low profile, harder to see, cameras that better suits areas where customers are shopping. Having smaller cameras can assist in providing a welcoming environment for customers. Retail storeowners are primarily concerned with customer theft, as well as employee handling of currency. 

With merchandise typically in rows, camera type plays an important role in capturing just the right view down aisle ways. Cash registers and safes should always have security camera coverage for the owner to document all cash handling by employees. This not only deters theft, but also provides a video log that can be viewed by police in the event of a crime or foul play.